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Remodeling Project Design Services for Bay Area Homeowners
Creativity in Every Custom Remodeling Project

K.C. Customs & Remodeling, Inc. is a Design Build company – we first design your project and then build it.

We provide home remodeling services in the Bay Area with a focus on kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions, whole house renovations and new home construction.

  • Our start-to-finish process is proven to reduce costs and virtually eliminate costly project delays and project surprises that plague home renovation projects.
  • We provide fixed price contracts as soon as we complete your design. Our approach takes out the guesswork and protects you from surprises in the final price that are so common in our industry.

Many remodeling and general contractors will create a basic design that is easy to install and profitable for them.

Kevin pays attention to the project details that many contractors are uncomfortable dealing with. He takes the time to listen to your needs and desires, then creates a design that maximizes the use and functionality of each room.

Our 7-step process might seem a bit much but it is one of the reasons why most of our business comes from referrals from happy clients.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you fulfill your dream or make improvements to your Bay Area home that you have been thinking about.

Upon request we will schedule an initial design build consultation at no cost to you.

  • We will discuss how you live now, your renovation ideas and the benefits you hope to obtain from the changes. We will talk about budgetary goals you have in mind for your project. Many times we can provide a range of investment for you to consider based on similar projects we have completed.
  • By the end of the meeting our goal is to know if we are comfortable and a good fit to work with each other. If so, we’ll be ready to move on to the next phase. If for any reason, we both decide this isn’t the best fit, that’s okay. Honestly our meeting will have been beneficial and helped in the progress of your remodeling goals.

In this step we will prepare a more detailed analysis and define the scope of your project. We will crunch the numbers utilizing our extensive database and hold a team review meeting to get other perspectives.

  • Our goal in this step is to help you better define the general goals of your remodeling project, and to establish a realistic budget you’re comfortable with.

After approval of the Design Agreement and receipt of your design retainer we’ll be ready to roll up our sleeves and really get to work on the details.

We will work together as a team to define the broad conceptual ideas of the project.

  • A “Scope of Work” which will describe your wants, wishes and goals will be developed in a written format. From this document, the “Preliminary Floorplan” drawings will be created to portray your list of objectives in a visual format.
  • A revised budget analysis to narrow the estimated cost to within an accuracy of plus or minus 10 percent of the final cost, will be conducted based on the Scope of Work and Preliminary Floorplans
  • When we have arrived at a concept that best balances the three elements of creativity, practicality and financial, your project is ready for our fourth phase - Design Development.

Here is where the plans come to life in full color. We use the latest computer design technology that will help you visualize your newly remodeled home in full detail.

Styles, materials, finishes and products are brought into the mix as we finalize the aesthetic elements of your new space.

Our tasks to complete during this phase will include:

  • Refining and finalizing the floorplan views of your home.
  • Developing elevation views to allow everyone to understand visually what the remodeled space will look like.
  • Determining finishes for such things as flooring, moldings, exterior siding and roofing.
  • Choosing products for your project such as cabinetry, fixtures and accessories.
  • The specifications of the project are developed and define all the details of the work to be done such as material selections, sizes and quantity.
  • The project budget will be carefully analyzed for accuracy based on the latest details we have developed together.
  • At this point our budget will be within a within an accuracy of plus or minus 3 percent of the final cost. We will also take a close look at any options you may be considering and how they may or may not affect your final budget.

The goal of the Design Build Development Plan is to allow everyone to understand visually what is to be changed or added during the project. By taking the time to choose finishes and product selections the actual construction will run smoother, faster and remain on budget, eliminating the stress and anxiety of making decisions on the fly.

You should have a clear understanding of the project through our written descriptions and drawings at this point.

Our last step in design will be to:

  • Finalize any structural and finish detail drawings for the project, such as foundation plans (if needed), engineering and framing details
  • Electrical and lighting plans

The project budget will be finalized once the engineering and construction documents are completed.

Once we both have a clear understanding of what your project is all about and what your investment will be, we move on to signing construction agreements and placing your project into our production schedule.

  • At this point we will give you the window of time within which we anticipate starting your project, as well as an approximate duration for the construction.
  • Additionally, we begin all the “behind the scenes” work such as placing orders for any products with lead-times, developing material lists, pulling applicable permits and developing the production schedule from which we’ll be working.
  • Throughout this step we will keep you informed as we get closer to the big day.

The project begins. A Kick-Off meeting in which you meet with the key players is scheduled at your home.

  • We review the project details one more time and address any concerns you may have.
  • We discuss life during remodeling and any additional special consideration we need to be aware of while working in your home.
  • Once your project is underway we will remain committed to it until it’s done.
  • We will respect your home, keep it clean and safe and leave you with a wonderful finished project. More importantly, we will also do it in a way that minimizes disruption and inconvenience.

Every project has its share of challenges. Our extensive reference list should give you comfort that our approach will minimize the disruption and anxiety that is so common in most remodeling projects.

In the end we are confident that you will be able to enjoy your new space for years to come.

Once the project is complete, we ask that you write a review about us on any of the following: Yelp, Insider Pages, Yellow Pages and Yahoo Local.

The design build and home remodeling industry in the Bay Area is very competitive and I thank you for the opportunity to earn your respect and then your business.

If you are ready to fulfill your dream please give us the opportunity to add you to our growing list of satisfied clients. We have the experience you need to complete your: addition, kitchen, bathroom, whole house renovation or new home.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to meeting with you in person. Call us today at (408) 385-1914 and get started on your dream.