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How do I know that your insurance will protect me in case of an accident?
  • California contractor licensing only requires workers compensation insurance and a bond and this can leave you vulnerable to liability claims from any injuries / accidents that might occur.

K.C. Customs Inc. carries $2 Million of liability insurance in the aggregate as an added protection for you. This insurance is in addition to the required California insurance and bonding requirements.

Unfortunately, some California contractors will cut corners and “take a chance that nothing goes wrong”. This is especially true in a challenging economy.

There are 2 ways you can protect yourself.

  1. Ask to be listed as the certificate holder on a Certificate of Insurance.
  2. Require that the Certificate of Insurance be sent directly to you by their insurance agent so you get assurance that the contractor’s coverage is current.

Our insurance agent will provide you with our documentation so you can feel comfortable that we have current insurance in place.

Note: If the contractor utilizes sub-contractors – they also must be properly licensed to meet the same insurance requirements to ensure you and your home are protected.

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