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How do you keep projects on schedule?

Our design process provides us with a detailed scope of work that becomes our blueprint for your project. Because we design your project we know all of the details.

Our pre-construction checklist, scheduling system and weekly intensive project updates are all essential parts of keeping your project on time.

  • Kevin Capps meets with our project managers every week to review the progress of your project in detail.
  • Kevin also meets or speaks with our managers every day to review job progress. These meetings are a key way of keeping your project on time and on budget.
  • We have full time office staff and you can contact us via the phone, email, text and fax. Keeping you informed allows you to feel comfortable that progress is being made.
  • We have heard dozens of stories about competitors constantly apologizing for not getting back to their clients sooner. Some waited days for a return call or email even on minor issues.

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