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How to Find the Best Remodeling Contractor in the Bay Area
Creativity in Every Custom Remodeling Project

K.C. Customs & Remodeling, Inc. is a Design Build company - we first design your home remodeling project and then build it

We provide home remodeling services in the Bay Area with a focus on kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions, whole house renovations and new home construction.

Our start-to-finish process is proven to reduce costs and virtually eliminate costly project delays and project surprises that plague most projects.

You are probably very excited to start, but you may be feeling a bit anxious too. Choosing a company to complete your new kitchen, update your bathrooms, remodel your entire home or build a new home is a very important decision.

Finding a company that will deliver on their promises can be a challenge.

  • Most people only hire a design build or remodeling company every 10 years and many aren’t sure what questions they should ask before they choose a contractor.
  • Certainly “bad news sells” and there is no shortage of stories about unethical contractors in the home remodeling industry.

Based on our experience we suggest that you consider the following in your due diligence:

  • Require each contractor to provide their answers in writing and don’t share the answers with any other contractor. Some contractors will quickly say yes if you ask them: “will you do the same things this other contractor has in his proposal?”
  • Quality contractors in the Bay Area should be willing & able to provide their answers in writing.
  • You will learn a great deal about the contractor’s reputation, policies, procedures and experience just from this short list.

If asking all of these questions seems like a hassle, it is a lot better to do this up front then to end up living through a home remodeling nightmare.

Company and Business Reputation

  1. Do you have an up-to-date general building contracting license in California?
  2. Have any owners in your company ever filed for bankruptcy for this or any other construction, home renovation or home remodeling company that you were an owner, shareholder or partner in?
  3. What proof of insurance do you normally provide?
  4. How do you monitor the insurance your trade contractors maintain?
  5. Do you normally provide business letters of reference?
  6. Which building and remodeling industry associations are you an active member of?
  7. How many current client references do you typically provide?
  8. Has your company been recognized for excellence in your industry?

Experience, Service and Operations

  1. Do you offer 3D-CAD design services for significant remodeling projects?
  2. Do you offer fixed price agreements with a price guarantee once the scope of my project has been agreed to?
  3. What details do you normally include in your agreements?
  4. Do you have employee and sub-contractor conduct policies in place?
  5. How do you maintain control of your projects?
  6. How many projects do you normally have going at the same time?
  7. How many years of experience does the supervisor assigned to my project have and how long have they worked for you?

Service and Follow-through

  1. How often can I expect to meet with my project supervisor to review the status of my project?
  2. How many hours a day can I reach you or my supervisor by phone?
  3. Please explain your warranty? How long is it and what does it cover and what does it exclude?

Once you ask these questions and review the contractor’s answers, the quality contractors will stand out.

When we meet with you, we will be pleased to provide you with our answers to these questions and a complete copy of our Homeowners Checklist and a sample of the amount of detail we include with every proposal at our first meeting. Included in this material will be reviews, ratings and references for our most recent projects.

The design build and home remodeling industry in the Bay Area is very competitive and we thank you for the opportunity to earn your respect and then your business.

If you are ready to fulfill your dream please give us the opportunity to add you to our growing list of satisfied clients.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to meeting with you in person. Call us today at (408) 385-1914 and get started on your dream.