12 Best Hiking Trails Around Los Altos, CA.

If you’re a recent or soon-to-be recent transplant to Los Altos and are wondering, “Where can I go hiking in Los Altos California right now?” you’ve got lots of options in this attractive central Californian town, south of the San Francisco Bay, about 25 miles from the coast. Los Altos is among the most popular hiking destinations in the state, and it’s a terribly convenient location with lots to see, do, and eat both before and after.

Here, we’ll cover the most popular and the most interesting Los Altos hiking trails for all of your nature-loving needs.


The following 12 Los Altos trails are among the most popular in the area, but that’s not all. They are also some of the most interesting, unique, and memorable trails you’re likely to find anywhere between San Fransisco and Big Sur.

1. Bol Park Bike Path

One of the newest bike paths in the area, the Bol Park path is built for cyclists, but it’s not exclusive to them. You’ll see many local wildflowers if you visit in the springtime. This 2.66-mile loop has a gentle 82ft elevation increase at its highest point.

2. Hike up Black Mountain (Rhus Ridge Trail)

This challenging trail has a total elevation of 1512ft over the length of its 6.3-mile loop. You’ll enjoy rocky, mountainous surroundings, dotted with flora as you climb to overlook one of the town’s most populous residential areas.

3. Rancho San Antonio Preserve

Rich with wildlife and rugged trees and flowers, the Rancho San Antonio Preserve has street and private parking and is gentle enough for children and pets. Public bathrooms and bike parking are available. This trail passes through the popular Deer Hollow Farm. Dogs are not permitted

4. Black Mountain Trail

This challenging hike offers plenty of elevation gain for more enthusiastic and experienced hikers. It’s a four-mile loop with lots of beautiful terrain to see and experience. There are parking and bike racks. This trail is too challenging for small children.

5. Monte Bello Open Space Preserve

This popular hiking spot is also a terrific location for stargazing or astrophotography at night. If you follow the signs along Bella Vista Trail, it will lead you to the Monta Bello camping spot. You’ll enjoy the endless rolling hills, open spaces, and lots to explore.

6. The Dish: Stanford Foothills

A very, very popular hiking spot, The Dish at Standford Foothills may not be ideal if you’re looking to escape crowded spaces. Otherwise, you’ll love the interminable rolling hills along the way. There are restrooms and a water fountain about halfway through, making this an easy hike to plan for.

7. Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve

As rich with flora as it is with rocky terrain, Skyline Ridge may be too tough for some, but if you’re game, the views are among the best in the area. However, if you’re satisfied with mild hiking and have small children, you can avoid the rough spots. There’s plenty of parking, bike racks, and gender-neutral restrooms.

8. Byrne Preserve

Among the best-reviewed hiking trails in the area, Byrne Preserve is ideal for some relaxing horseback riding. Parking can be hard to come by, so come early if you don’t want to have to wait or change your plans. It’s also great for gentle hiking even with small children. It may be ideal for novice horseback riders to hone their skills.

9. Steven’s Creek Trail

If your idea of a nice hike is a smooth, paved path along a small, placid lake, this is the spot for you. At one point the path merges with the bay trail and opens up to a broad view of the shoreline park. You’ll enjoy the bridges and interesting pass-throughs that keep this simple hike stimulating.

10. PG&E Trail

A challenging but enjoyable hike that rewards intrepid hikers with wonderful scenery. Wild turkeys have been known to inhabit these areas. There’s a private parking lot and multiple paths to follow.

11. Westwind Community Barn

This well-reviewed hiking spot is also a popular place to bring horses, which love to graze along the trail. It’s a gentle hike, making it very child-friendly, but no bike racks. It’s an especially popular Christmas-time location.

12. Hetch Hetchy Trail

This paved trail is quiet, and not a big crowd-pleaser. But if you’re looking for a quiet and undisturbed walk, this will do nicely.

If you’re wondering what to do in Los Altos, this list of excellent hiking trails is just a start. You’ll have many hours of fun and exercise hiking near Los Altos as you get to know the area. Check back with us again soon to learn about the many other attractions in this winsome part of The Golden State. The custom home design and build experts at K.C. Customs INC are the area’s go-to team for state-of-the-art custom home builds and renovations. Get in touch today to learn more.

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