6 Luxury Features for Your Custom Home Build

The custom home design ideas you could incorporate into your luxury home are nearly endless! Every room in your home has the potential for feature upgrades that will add value to both your life and your home. What are the top luxury features you should build into your custom home or remodel?  Here’s a shortlist of the top luxury features designers are seeing in today’s custom California homes.  


The spa-worthy bathroom is as old as time, but the features available today are feats in modern technology. Heated floors, pre-programmable showers, adjustable privacy glass where you can change the opacity, smart aromatherapy, and even sensory deprivation float tanks are making their way into luxury custom bathrooms. Every part of the modern bathroom has the potential to be elevated to a 5-star spa standard. 

Besides technologically impressive features, invest in style in your luxury bathroom. Work with your designer to select a composition of custom tile work for your floors and shower walls. As for your bathroom vanity, request that it be hand-crafted and made of solid wood. Every detail of your spa-worthy bathroom should complement one another, with no element treated as an afterthought. 


Also known as ‘guilty pleasure rooms,’ the hobby room is a luxury home feature that is for pure enjoyment. As working from home increased and many have taken it up permanently, having a space in the home to balance the work/fun equation is imperative. Many times, this room is made up of equipment or tools that aren’t structural and could therefore be changed as interests change, like an art studio or a music library. In some cases, it’s something much more involved in the construction of your custom home, like an in-home spa or an aerial yoga studio.

The hobby room could even be outside of the main structure of the home and instead in an auxiliary structure, or detached from the home but still on the property. This is particularly useful if the hobby might be disruptive to the rest of the household, like a music studio or a gaming space. Having your hobby room separate from the main home also makes it easier for guests to come and go if your hobby is a social one. 


A whole-home automation system is a luxury custom home feature you may not be able to see but will add to your daily quality of life in a way only a luxury feature can. Home automation can incorporate everything from lights and heat to security and entertainment. Automation can make the tedious daily routines sink into the background by letting the system learn your patterns and making automatic adjustments, or by manually pre-programming certain parts of your home to suit your needs. Temperature, lighting schedules, and even your preferred water pressure and temperature in the shower, can be set specifically to how you and your family use your home. 

Besides routine and convenience, home automation can also increase security and safety. Your door locks, security cameras, motion sensor lighting, and smoke detectors can all be monitored and controlled remotely from your smart device. Monitoring your luxury home while you’re away is not only convenient but offers invaluable peace of mind. 


Fine art has always been a prominent feature in luxury homes. Oil paintings and sculptures are a timeless indulgence, but what about art that is built into everyday life? Art that you can use? Custom-designed and handmade glass lighting sculptures, hand-painted one-of-a-kind porcelain tile, and hand-carved finials are just a few examples of taking art off of the wall and into everyday use.

If you’ve ever fawned over the details in a high-end boutique hotel while traveling internationally or appreciated the intricate craftsmanship at your favorite cocktail bar, consider finding out whose hands created that work and get in touch with them. Chances are good that the artist will accept a request for commissioned work or may already have pieces available for residential use. If they won’t and there aren’t, go to your custom home designer with reference photos. They will likely have access to a network of artisans that can create something similar. You will not only be supporting artists but will have pieces that are unique to your home that you will have the joy of using every day. 


Luxury doesn’t have to stay indoors. Invite luxury into your backyard with an outdoor kitchen, a lounge area with a bar, and a modest pool with a tanning ledge. Your custom outdoor kitchen can include, or exclude, anything that suits you and your family. To make your space suitable for cooler weather, work with your designer to incorporate a semi-closed-in area with a fireplace.

A built-in grill, sink, and storage are just the beginning. Consider how you would use your outdoor oasis and build your space from there. It might mimic your indoor kitchen or offer completely different equipment. Would you find a wine fridge useful? How about a custom-made pizza oven or a chef-grade cooking range?

Beyond the kitchen, make your luxury custom outdoor oasis dynamic by having multiple areas that flow seamlessly. A bar off of the kitchen, with a lounge area just outside of that, followed by a rectangular pool with a tanning ledge on the far end invites guests to traverse from one side of your space all the way to the other.  


Many builders can claim to be luxury custom home builders, but K.C. Customs can prove it. K.C. Customs works with the area’s best architects and designers to build custom luxury homes and remodels through unmatched craftsmanship, outstanding service, and acute attention to detail, all within your budget and on time. Contact K.C. Customs to discuss the high-end luxury features you’d like to include in your custom dream home. 

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