Best Designs for Primary Suites: What’s Trending in Home Builds?

Your custom home’s primary suite should be a place of respite. A place of luxury where you can feel like you’re ‘getting away from it all while you’re right in your own home. The amenities you choose for your primary suite should reflect you and what brings you comfort. What are the primary suite must-have features to include in your luxury home


Of course, your bedroom will include your bed, side tables, and other standard bedroom pieces, but your bedroom can be so much more. 

Sitting Area

Include a cozy sitting area with two armchairs, ottomans, and a cocktail table. If you plan your sitting area with ample space, two chaise lounges are a great addition for winding down. Include built-in shelves for books or your record collection. Position the sitting area near a bay window or sliding porch doors to enjoy the natural light. It’s a great place to have your coffee while checking emails or the news in the morning, or a glass of wine while listening to music in the evening. 


A cozy sitting area isn’t complete without a fireplace. Skip the traditional fireplace and go for an electric or ventless option. You’ll avoid having your linens and clothes inundated with the smell of a fire and you’ll also avoid the possibility of polluting your indoor air. There’s also less maintenance. A double-sided fireplace is a great opportunity to incorporate a privacy wall in your bedroom while enjoying the heat and glow from both sides. 


Your luxury custom home will of course feature a luxury bathroom that pulls out all the stops. Every part of this space can include high-end features that will make your bathroom feel like a day at the spa. 

Spa Shower Features

Make your luxury primary bathroom work for you with features that are meant to help you unwind and relax, like a steam shower. To plan for a steam shower, your architect will need to follow specific design needs to accommodate the steam function, like carrying the shower enclosure from ceiling to floor. This serves to trap the steam to make the most of the feature. 

Include body sprayers to rinse off and refresh after a long steam. Your spa shower features can also include Bluetooth capabilities and chromotherapy to help you get going in the morning and wind down in the evening. 

Smart Technology

The bathroom is a room where smart technology can improve every function, from floor to ceiling, and has fast become a must-have feature in new custom homes. Incorporate in-floor radiant heating that’s programmed to turn on before you wake up so your floor is nice and warm before your morning routine. 

A smart mirror can display the weather, news headlines, and even check your email. Your smart shower can be programmed to your ideal temperature and water pressure. Your freestanding tub can include heated walls and chromotherapy, with Bluetooth capability, and even send vibrations through the water that’s synched with the song. 

Custom Lighting

Your luxury primary bathroom should have a mix of lighting features, all on dimmer switches. A backlit mirror, scones over the freestanding tub, recessed lighting, and a statement chandelier is a perfect blend of form and function in the bathroom. To increase natural light, have your architect plan for a skylight. It’s a great way to take advantage of the sunlight’s benefits while still maintaining privacy. 

Separate Spaces

A shared bathroom doesn’t mean that every feature or amenity needs to also be shared. Separate vanities are commonplace, but also consider separate commode closets on either side of your large primary bathroom. 


A primary closet is far more than just a place to store your wardrobe. Put more thought and planning into this essential space.

Dressing Room With Custom Storage

Prefabricated storage doesn’t always fit your specific needs. Have your architect and custom home builder coordinate what kind of storage your wardrobe requires. Do you have a collection of shoes that should be showcased? Perhaps your more delicate pieces should be stored in a case with glass doors. 

A dressing room island is excellent for storing jewelry, belts, bags, and other accessories. Be sure to include a place to sit and a grand mirror. If you value added privacy, consider adding a nook for changing, reminiscent of French dressing screens. 

The Lighting

We all know the shopping experience of terrible lighting in changing rooms. Work with your architect to plan your dressing room lighting to be evenly balanced and well-placed. A statement chandelier over the closet island is an exceptional touch that will make your space feel like a quaint boutique. Sconces work to create a glow that diffuses direct light, while task lighting allows you the best view of all your pieces to make building your outfit for the day stress-free. 


Primary suite features that go beyond the main elements will elevate your home life to vacation-level enjoyment. 

Private Outdoor Space

Your suite doesn’t have to be confined only within the walls of your home. Step out of your space onto a private deck that’s only accessible from your suite. Create added privacy with plant life, like a wall of bamboo or a climbing plant. Or, for a more permanent option, a stylish concrete panel wall outfitted with a water feature will create a relaxing atmosphere for your morning yoga. 

Wet Bar

What’s a primary suite with a private outdoor space, high-end entertainment, and a reading or sitting area without easy access to your favorite refreshments? Would you love to wake up to the smell of coffee in the morning? Then include a smart coffee maker in your wet bar. Do you favor a late-night glass of wine with your significant other? A 6-bottle wine fridge is a perfect size for your luxury primary suite. With just enough space for glassware, a small sink, and even a 2 cubic foot mini fridge that can be tucked away within the cabinetry, you may never want to leave the resort-at-home feel of your luxury primary suite. 

High-End Entertainment

A simple tv in the bedroom isn’t enough anymore. Choose to level up your entertainment technology with a tv that will lower into a cabinet so it’s only out when in use. Have your custom builder install invisible speakers into the wall so you get the benefit of surround sound without unsightly speakers. Include the speakers in your bathroom and even your closet, with controls that can control which rooms are receiving sound and when. 


A custom luxury primary suite can include every feature that you can imagine. It’s your space and should meet your specific needs and wants and can be as extravagant or minimalistic as you’d like. K.C. Customs is a custom luxury home builder in California that specializes in delivering custom spaces and homes that suit the homeowner’s specific lifestyle, current or aspired. Contact K.C. Customs for a consultation to discuss your custom luxury home plans. 

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