Embracing New Neutrals: Creams, Beiges, and Taupes for a Welcoming Home

Creams, beiges, and taupes, often overlooked in favor of more vibrant colors, are again making a resurgence in the world of home decor. These neutral shades bring a sense of calmness, warmth, and versatility to living spaces. Whether you’re designing your new house in San Marcos, CA, or Oklahoma City, this is a good style because it […]

Modern Spanish Ideas for Your Pal Alto Home in 2023

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Even if your home isn’t already in the classic Spanish style, your home can still be transformed with a skilled designer and builder team. To create a stylish Spanish home, we’ve broken down what makes up this classic style and how you can make your house look like a stylish contemporary Spanish home.  WHAT ARE THE […]

Find A Great Architect: Top Architects around The Bay Area Peninsula

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The Bay area is rich in experienced, sustainability-minded, and award-winning architects with an aptitude for current design and time-tested approaches. A simple internet search will offer such an extensive list of qualified candidates that you may be wondering, “how do I choose an architect for my home?” With our short list of some of the area’s most talented architects and our […]

Value of Hiring a Pro: 5 Interior Designers to Work with in Palo Alto

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Your remodeled Palo Alto luxury home should reflect your own design goals, your layout needs, and should feel like a space that’s been with you the entire time–but better. How do you find the right interior designer to put the finishing touches on your luxury home? We have collected a list of high-end, award-winning interior designers that create beautiful […]

Moving Glass Walls: 2023 Interior Design Trends – Atherton & Los Altos

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Moving glass walls are a perfect choice for expanding your indoor space to the outdoors and allowing your family and friends to enjoy the open space, views, and fresh air. They are ideal for opening your living room to an outdoor entertainment area, opening a kitchen up to an outdoor dining room, or even opening your bedroom to […]

Best Designs for Primary Suites: What’s Trending in Home Builds?

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Your custom home’s primary suite should be a place of respite. A place of luxury where you can feel like you’re ‘getting away from it all while you’re right in your own home. The amenities you choose for your primary suite should reflect you and what brings you comfort. What are the primary suite must-have features to […]

5 Reasons To Have An Open Floor Plan For your Custom Build

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Open floor plans continue to have a strong hold on being the most popular architectural home design out there. You might be wondering what an open floor plan really means and if there are different types. Whether you’re designing a new custom luxury home in the Bay Area or you’re thinking of remodeling an older home with a […]

High ROI Projects To Increase Home Value in Los Altos, CA

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Home improvement projects usually come about because of need. Those needs vary from getting your home ready to be placed on the market to adding comfort, convenience, and style to your everyday life. Have the best of both worlds with luxury home improvement projects that you and your future buyer will enjoy and value. If a whole home renovation isn’t your […]

Luxury Home Remodeling Upgrades in Atherton, CA

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The possibilities for your Atherton luxury remodel are nearly endless. Every room of the home has the potential for upgrades and high-end features that will make your home more spacious, secure, relaxing, and entertaining. What popular upgrades should you include in your high-end luxury home remodel?  AN AT-HOME BASEMENT BAR A home’s basement contains mounds of potential–from practical use to […]

Home Additions That Bring Great ROI in California

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Homeowners add to their homes for several reasons. Adding on more space for an aging relative, updating a home to suit modern needs, preparing for a growing family, or rejuvenating a space in hopes of a successful resale are just a few. Even if you’re not planning to sell any time soon, choosing additions that deliver the […]

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