Find A Great Architect: Top Architects around The Bay Area Peninsula

The Bay area is rich in experienced, sustainability-minded, and award-winning architects with an aptitude for current design and time-tested approaches. A simple internet search will offer such an extensive list of qualified candidates that you may be wondering, “how do I choose an architect for my home?” With our short list of some of the area’s most talented architects and our interview guide to narrow down your best option, you’re sure to find the right architect for your unique custom project


The architects at Klopf Architecture use a thorough approach and problem-solving to combine the client’s abstract vision and their knowledge to create unique spaces that are warm and modern. The firm prides itself on the simple art of sincere listening to understand each client’s goals and needs. 

Klopf Architecture specializes in modernist net-zero homes, using clean lines, proportioning, and natural materials. The firm also prioritizes breaking down the barriers between the outside and inside to promote indoor/outdoor living and access to lots of natural light, depending on the client’s desire, the climate, and the surrounding environment. If access to the outdoors isn’t possible in some spaces, they’ll focus on the use of natural materials. 

Klopf also specializes in working with Eichler and mid-century modern homes to update older kitchens and other spaces to restore this classic style with modern needs and energy efficiency in mind. They’re experienced in creating additions to older homes that respect the original space and architectural elements by designing what’s appropriate for each home and homeowner individually.


Alexandra Saikley, the principal architect, maintains a purposely small-enough firm to ensure every project is thoughtfully approached and her design expertise touches every project while incorporating the design experience and perspective of other designers and architects in the firm. By exploring detailed design, complex problem-solving, and building a personal connection with clients, Saikley Architects successfully creates functional spaces that fulfill the client’s needs and goals. 

Saikley Architects views a home as part of a larger living system and equips the firm with a unique perspective on sustainability and historic preservation. Their experience spans everything from contemporary to historic, creating new spaces and adapting historic structures for current use while maintaining their significant attributes. 

The firm’s effectiveness to create a built environment that supports sensical function comes from its fruitful ongoing relationships with contractors, engineers, fabricators, and artisans, as well as city and county officials. To aid clients in deciding what options best suit their specific situation, Saikley Architects offers hourly consultations that touch on feasibility, remodeling vs new build, green improvements, and historic preservation. 

Other services include pre-purchase property evaluations, site selection, preparing detailed cost estimates, 3D modeling, landscape design, comprehensive construction documentation, and construction administration. Saikley will also perform sustainability and resiliency consulting, green design services, LEED consultation and documentation, and accessibility consultations.


The firm offers both interior design and architectural services in the Bay area that promote timelessness and comfort, with site planning, drawing, property selection, custom furniture design, and lighting design. Paul Belotti depends on a system of close collaboration with his clients that reflect their personality, design goals, and needs to create a space that pushes beyond the boundary of expectations.  

Paul Belotti’s married talents in both interior and architectural design result in a more fluid process that easily stays on track, on time, and within budget. While understanding that a remodel can be difficult, they also embrace the fun of remodeling a home. By reducing the multitude of what’s offered in fabrics, tiles, flooring, doors, windows, hardware, and more–based on the careful consideration of what a client’s goals are–the decision process is streamlined and more enjoyable. 

The founder and firm understand the benefits of green design and conservation. With their knowledge of materials and production methods, the firm skillfully reuses existing products and building materials when possible to reduce waste. Window exposure, photovoltaic solar cells, insulation components, alternative heating systems, recycled products, and various lighting sources contribute to an energy-efficient home


Tobin Dougherty Architects is known for their focus on both beautiful form and environmental function. Passive and active solar homes, using natural and recycled building materials, and designing with longevity and durability in mind are just a few of the ways this firm ensures the environmental integrity of its designs. Tobin Dougherty Architects is mindful of evaluating new technologies, products, building methods, and design trends to evolve with their client’s lifestyles while using time-tested best practices to create spaces that are at once relevant and timeless.  

Principal architect, Tobin Dougherty, grew up in a construction industry family, lending to his knowledge of all sides of the custom building process. This experience also lends to the firm’s focus on cutting out the superfluous design and to center simplicity and the value of a fluid layout that works for the homeowner. The firm also works with the homeowner to tie in the home’s environmental surroundings to create harmony between the indoors and outdoors. 

Beyond simplicity and awareness of the home’s surroundings are, of course, the client’s expressed needs, design goals, and ideas. The firm’s effort to center collaboration with their client throughout the project results in a beautiful space that’s delivered on time and within budget.  


Ogawa Fisher Architects considers both local and global design trends to create spaces that holistically approach the home’s surroundings and client preferences. The result is a detailed and quality design that incorporates green building and sustainability. Hiromi Ogawa and Lynn Fisher–the founder and principal, respectively–use these tenets to create beautifully built environments that are truly custom and carefully tailored.  

The entire process begins with intent listening, adaptive communication, and prioritizing design goals. Their expertise is creating warm, light-filled, and timeless spaces through a process of schematic design, development and documentation, and construction administration. The firm depends on collaboration with the client to deliver full architectural and interior design services with the overall goal of the client’s enjoyment from start to finish. 

Because Ogawa Fisher Architects views each project as unique for its site, environmental context, client goals and vision, and budget, the firm understands that each project requires unique design solutions that include sustainability and green design wherever possible. 


Whether you find your architect or builder first, your project deserves the area’s best of both professions. At K.C. Customs, we’ve worked with dozens of highly talented architects, and we wouldn’t settle for less. We’ll be happy to consult with you to find your best fit while discussing your custom home or remodeling goals to get the process underway before even your first architect interview. Contact us to schedule a consultation

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