Home Technology Trends for the Future

The future of smart home technology is in home automation. Smart homes have been on the rise for years, but whole-home automation is the latest peak of home technology. At the highest peak of home automation is a smart system that learns patterns and anticipates our needs. Home automation is a luxury home feature that offers the epitome of convenience, comfort, and peace of mind. 


Home automation is the use of a wireless network to control electronic devices and appliances in your home via a smart device like your smartphone, tablet, or voice assistant systems. These devices can be controlled manually through an app, set up on an automatic schedule, or through the voice assistant system itself. Home automation allows you to control as many devices as you’d like and in any location, whether from inside your Atherton home or on vacation thousands of miles away. 


Smart home automation trends are spreading to every room in the home as well as outside. Lights, security cameras, thermostats, locks, and so many more devices can be controlled remotely. Remote access allows you to see who’s at the door or to turn off a light without having to get out of bed. Using a high-end automated system for your Atherton home that learns your routines means your lights and thermostat can be adjusted without even the thought of having to do it yourself. Checking your security cameras and your locks when you’re away from your home is an invaluable benefit to smart home automation.


Security systems are the first smart home improvement many people make when transitioning to smart home automation. Alarm systems with touchscreen pads and a coordinating app for control of the system remotely have become a staple. The future of the smart home, however, is in automating devices to work together in order to avoid having to manually control so many devices at once. 

Set your smart locks to automatically lock when the alarm is set. You can also set your locks to detect your smartphone in a way that they lock when you leave and unlock when you return. Use an automatic doorbell camera to determine who is at the door without getting up or even being home. You could unlock your doors remotely for a house sitter when you’re away or for a friend when you’re on the couch. 

Another home automation trend that aids in securing your home is lighting. Control both your indoor and outdoor lighting remotely and automatically. Forgot to turn off the light in the kitchen but already in bed? Manually turn off any light via your smart device or voice assistant. A fully automated light system, however, is scheduled lighting that turns on at a certain time of night even when no one is home in order to deter burglars. Indoor lights or pathway lights outdoors that come on at sunset or at a predetermined time will give you the feeling of safety upon returning from work or a night out. 

The security camera is also getting an upgrade with motion sensors that only record or send a live feed to your device if motion is detected. It can be programmed to turn off when you return home. Security cameras can also be connected to your smart home alarm system to turn on if the alarm is triggered.


We really are living in the future when robots and drones are regular autonomous household items that perform everyday jobs. Mostly used for cleaning and security, these futuristic tools are getting smarter and more accessible. Constant technological advancement means that every new model will be more efficient than the last. 

Many of us already use robotic vacuums. Each new model is an improvement on the last. The latest in robotic vacuums, made by Samsung, will also patrol your home, detect movement, and send alerts while you’re away. Using an app, you can view the live feed from its camera. Of course, the vacuum can be scheduled and is also capable of disposing of what’s been collected. 

Drones have also been around for some time, mostly used recreationally and with video recording capabilities. The Bee, however, is the first drone of its kind. The device is a fully autonomous home security drone that monitors your property for vibration and movement via sensors that resemble garden lights. The threat detection system determines if the movement needs to be investigated, then the retractable doors open and the drone is airborne in seconds, sending you notifications and a crisp video feed. Over time, the system learns what ‘threats’ to ignore. The Bee is equipped with GPS and sensors to avoid collisions. 


Automating your Atherton home’s heating and cooling is a smart home trend that provides both comfort and energy efficiency. Smart thermostats can detect when you’re away through sensors, using geolocation through your smartphone, or triggered by your security system. Your thermostat will automatically adjust by a few degrees, saving energy by not overusing heat or A/C throughout the day when no one is home. Some thermostats are so sophisticated that when connected to other technology in the home, like window sensors and local weather via the internet, they can automatically adjust the heat and A/C to reflect the information it’s receiving. 


Another smart device that’s been in homes for many years is the smart tv. Automate your tv to really take advantage of its capabilities. An automated smart tv can adjust the screen brightness in accordance with how bright or dark a room is, just like many smartphones. If you like to begin your day with the news or music, program your tv to turn on automatically at the same time every weekday morning. The sound can even be channeled to different speakers in the home so you can still get your news or hear your music as you move through your home.

Movies and football games tend to require very different audio and visual settings to have the best viewing experience. Pre-program your smart tv settings so changing the configuration is a simple touch of a button on your smart device. Incorporate your speakers into the programming for an even more efficient custom entertainment arrangement


Whether you’re looking to build a custom luxury home or remodel your home, put home automation and smart home technology on your must-have list. Working with your builder from the start will make setting up your Atherton home for automation so much easier. Contact K.C. Customs and schedule a consultation to discuss exactly what you’re looking for in a custom home or remodel.

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