Moving Glass Walls: 2023 Interior Design Trends – Atherton & Los Altos

Moving glass walls are a perfect choice for expanding your indoor space to the outdoors and allowing your family and friends to enjoy the open space, views, and fresh air. They are ideal for opening your living room to an outdoor entertainment area, opening a kitchen up to an outdoor dining room, or even opening your bedroom to a private sitting area. Even when closed, glass walls will flood the room with natural light and help you feel connected to the outdoors. Your California home will feel rejuvenated with the addition of a moving glass wall, but what are they and how do they work? 


Moving glass wall systems go by different names, such as retractable glass walls, folding doors, glass partition walls, or stacking glass walls. These systems are made up of large glass panels that either stack, pivot, or slide to either one or both sides to create a large opening on exterior or interior walls. 

Many homeowners have learned the benefits of designing their spaces with a moving glass wall system that opens to an outdoor living area to create one open-air large space. Even when closed, the large unobstructed glass panels invite a lot of natural light into a space, helping you feel more connected to the outdoors. 


Folding Glass Walls

Folding walls are retracted in an accordion-style pattern where the panels stack onto each other to one or both sides, toward the interior or exterior of the home. Because of the design, folding glass walls typically offer the widest expanse of glass panels. 

Sliding Glass Walls

Sliding glass wall panels will slide and stack until the wall is entirely open, in the same way a traditional sliding porch door would operate. The size of the glass wall panels in this type of system can be wider than most given the track mechanism, rather than in the folding glass system, where you would need space for the panels to swing outward. 

Pocket Glass Walls

The glass wall panels can slide into a wall pocket for a fully unobstructed view. An adjacent wall is necessary to create space for the pocket and you will be limited to the number of panels your system includes due to the thickness accrued with each panel. 


Nature-Inspire Spaces 

Over the past few years, homeowners have yearned for interior spaces that incorporate more nature. This may come by the way of larger, more expansive windows, atriums with lots of plant life, color palettes and patterns that mimic nature, natural wood tones, and a dramatic influx of indoor plants. Moving glass walls have increased in popularity along with this biophilic trend, optimizing access to the outdoors. 

Dark Wall Colors

Darker paint colors, like charcoal, navy, emerald, and black, have arrived on the scene once again. The trend to use dark paint colors can be seen on accent walls, kitchen cabinets, entire rooms, and even the ceiling. If this trend sounds enticing to you but you’re worried about losing the impact of natural light, a moving glass wall will make up for this loss. In the bedroom, a dark hue on the walls can feel very cozy, particularly in the evening. Use a moving glass wall that leads out to your private deck or patio to brighten the space up during the day and introduce more fresh air and connection to the outdoors. 

Smart Home Technology 

Using technology in the home for convenience, energy efficiency, and security is very common today. Your moving glass wall can be improved by implementing smart technology with a switch to slide those panels out of the way with the push of a button. Connect your automatic system to your smart device and open the panels with voice command–a handy trick when you’re headed out to the grill with a full tray of food. 



It’s not the first place you’d think to install what’s a large opening to the outside, but a moving glass wall in the bedroom can provide a space that feels open and rejuvenating when in use. Work with your designer to include a private outdoor sitting area with privacy. A tasteful fence will suffice but strategically planted bamboo or hedges will provide privacy while also adding ambiance.

Living Room

The living room is a great choice if you often entertain and could use the extra space that a porch can provide. Connect your living room to your outdoor dining area or lounge area. Create an outdoor space that flows into your pool area for the ultimate entertaining atmosphere


Experience the benefit of an indoor/outdoor kitchen with a moving glass wall between these two spaces. Outdoor kitchens can be designed to rival your main kitchen, however, there will always be some movement to and fro for necessities. Food, serving ware, kitchen tools, and many other items to pull off the perfect meal in your outdoor kitchen can be only a few steps away without having to maneuver through tight doorways or manipulating door knobs with full hands. 


California homeowners have come to trust a few top moving glass wall brands. Here’s our round-up.  


NanaWall is likely the most recognizable brand of retractable or moving glass wall systems. So much so that they are commonly referenced by name in articles in place of the term itself. The system operates in an accordion folding style or sliding style and can include a standard swing door for everyday use while the other panels remain fixed. Include sliding screen panels to get the benefits of fresh air while keeping pests outside. 

Anderson Windows & Doors

Anderson has been in the business for over 100 years and continues to innovate around the changing wants and needs of the homeowner. They offer moving glass wall systems that operate from hanging tracks or floor tracks, curved designs for rounded exterior walls, and doors that move in every style type. 

Milgard Windows & Doors

Milgard primarily operates on the west coast with its headquarters located in Tacoma, Washington, and its story beginning in the 1950s. Their moving glass wall systems are available in folding, sliding, and pocket-style doors. 


Moving glass walls are the next big thing in designing your space with optimal natural light and ample access to the outdoors while creating a space that feels airy and open. K.C. Customs specializes in incredibly personalized spaces that include both contemporary trending designs and timeless elements that feel comforting and warm. Moving glass walls provide both, with a modern approach to the timeless need to feel connected to nature. To discover how moving glass walls can be incorporated in your custom home design or remodel, contact us, and we’ll schedule a consultation to get things moving. 

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