Our Process

1. Pre-Design

If you contact us before you purchase property, or before you hire an Architect or Designer, we will provide the following services:

  • Initial consultation and property review
  • Architect/Designer selection
  • Basic range of cost based on your stated requirements


Once the Pre-Design process is completed, and the project is determined to be viable, we continue our services in pre-construction as follows:

  • Interface with Architect/Designer throughout the design process providing cost analysis at each design phase (Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents).
  • Permit coordination
  • Selection/ Submittal schedule integration
  • Project specification coordination with Architect/Designer; develop Scope of Work documents
  • Produce Project schedule
  • Produce final project budget document (Schedule of Values)
  • Produce photo-realistic renderings


Once we move into the construction phase, your project will have a Project Manager, Site Superintendent, and Assistant PM who will work in coordination to provide the following:

  • Quality control and assurance processes at each phase of construction
  • Submittal processes (solicitation, review)
  • Subcontractor requirements/ compliance review
  • Change Management
  • Substitution requests
  • Application for payment preparation/ % complete review
  • Back-up billing/ original invoice document preparation & submittal
  • Schedule updates
  • Solicit, review shop drawings
  • Purchasing and production scheduling and requirements
  • Permit/ AHJ compliance
  • Design and specification requirements/ version control & distribution
  • Production and inspection reporting
  • Mutual understanding meetings (preparatory, initial, follow up and final meetings)
  • Punch list distribution
  • Tests and inspection coordination
  • Photographic documentation
  • Coordinate temporary conditions and protection
  • Warranty compliance
  • We will also give you access to our job site live video feed, which we use to monitor schedule performance and security. We also provide a cloud based project portal, where you can view the schedule, progress photos, pending decisions, and the current budget 24/7.


Once you move in, our staff will continue to provide support, and will be there to resolve any issues that arise as you “break in” your new home!


K.C. Customs, Inc uses a 24/7 accessible to client portal to facilitate communications throughout the process. There are countless decisions to be made, and they all have to be made in an appropriate time frame to ensure the project schedule and budget are met. In addition, many clients live far away from their project, and enjoy being able to track progress throughout construction.


K.C. Customs
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K.C. Customs
Based on 5 reviews
Trust me… this is the W.T.F. You want! As in… WOW! That’s Fantastic work! It’s already so difficult to choose the right contractor to ensure the work is done on time, at an amazing value, and with quality material without the shortcuts, but to get all of that AND the care that KC Customs puts into the work they do… well… you and everyone that you have over to your house will be saying the same thing… W.T.F.!! Wow!!! That’s Fantastic!!!! Whether it’s bathroom, kitchen, or whole house…. if you decide to call anyone else, you’re choosing to downgrade. Thank you KC Customs!
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