Value of Hiring a Pro: 5 Interior Designers to Work with in Palo Alto

Your remodeled Palo Alto luxury home should reflect your own design goals, your layout needs, and should feel like a space that’s been with you the entire time–but better. How do you find the right interior designer to put the finishing touches on your luxury home? We have collected a list of high-end, award-winning interior designers that create beautiful spaces in the Bay Area and beyond. 


Isolina Mallon Interiors is a high-end residential interior design firm that creates impeccable spaces in Northern California, including Los Altos. Since 2012, the firm, led by Isolina Mallon, has won several awards based on the incredible quality of its work which primarily showcases modern and contemporary designs. Their work is driven by the principle that a well-designed space enriches people’s lives. 

The focus of Isolina Mallon Interiors is customized, highly detailed luxury interiors with a European flair. Elegant, clean, warm, and high-end are the descriptions evoked by the work of her and her full-service firm. Isolina Mallon Interiors can take your project from concept to completion, and work alongside your contractor for a seamless transformation of your space. 


With over 50 years of design experience, Pamela Pennington continues to seek out inspiration and knowledge from art, architecture, and travel. Her design firm has won dozens of awards for everything from single-bathroom designs to entire homes. 

By combining unexpected fixtures, finishes, and furnishings, Pamela Pennington and her team create contemporary spaces that range from calming and light-filled to eccentric and artful. Every space is a reflection of the client’s tastes and design goals, including accents and solutions the client has both dreamed of and didn’t know were possible.  


Sarah Littke and her team of designers specialize in a contemporary Scandinavian aesthetic with a California twist, incorporating a wealth of natural light, a mix of sleek and cozy textures, and calming color palettes. Her practice is based in Palo Alto, frequently serving homeowners who crave a home that provides respite and tranquil spaces. 

The designs created by Sarah & Friends Interiors commonly include nature-inspired elements, clean lines, and a focus on well-being. The result is a space that’s functional and personal. Sarah looks to her collected experiences living in several countries to understand how people use their homes as an extension of themselves to create the life they want to live. Her designs are timeless yet feature current trends and styles to feel fresh and comfortable. 

Her team of designers, along with vendors and carpenters, work to blend items that may include vintage pieces, well-built custom pieces, and high-quality imported finds, always keeping in mind the potential for a family to pass their treasures down to the next generation. 


Sleek, contemporary, tasteful homes with open, light-filled spaces are easily the core design principles behind the designs of M. Designs Architects. They provide the full gamut of services, including interior design, architectural design, and project management, with pride in their cost estimate and construction support. M. Design Architects commonly look to the future with home design that incorporates smart home features, technology, and sustainability. 

Malika Junaid, the firm’s principal, leads a team of skilled designers that has earned several META awards for their cutting-edge luxury designs. The firm has experience in a litany of design styles, like beach houses, modern homes, Mediterranean villas, Eastern mansions, and contemporary architecture. Every design is focused on creating indoor spaces that are intertwined with views of the outdoors as well as dynamic outdoor living spaces, focusing on each client’s personal design dreams. 


Based in San Francisco, Noz Design serves area locals as well as homeowners across the country to create spaces that feel artful and thoughtfully collected over time. Noz Design values collaboration, lending to their dynamic designs that feel personal to each client. In the firm’s short tenure, Noz Design has earned many awards and accolades from Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, ELLE Decor, and others. 

Noz Design’s focus on the individual occupant, their happiness and well-being, as well as their commitment to greater community health, results in spaces that are meant to elicit joy. Each space is personal, eclectic, global, and filled with personality, be it quiet or exuberant.  


K.C. Customs is a luxury custom home remodeler and builder in the Los Altos area that specializes in custom spaces with a focus on high-end design. We’ve worked with the area’s most talented architects and designers and value design collaboration and impeccable craft that centers the client’s design goals. Transparency is the pinnacle of a successful project, and it’s why we use project management software that offers 24/7 access to schedules, logs, and communication. Whether you’re a designer or a homeowner, connect with us to create beautiful spaces.

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